Contemporary Human Rights Ideas (Global Institutions)

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Section Three brings together the concepts studied in the previous sections so as to interpret the key theories of International Relations.

Does material power competition within an anarchic system condemn us to constant conflict, as Realism argues? Or should we listen to Liberals, who contend that institutions, free trade and democracy create the conditions for cooperation? Blair, A. What are the structures and interactions which give meaning to a region? Through which processes, and for what reasons, are regions constituted as political, economic, social and security entities?

This section examines the ways in which regions both condition and react to a globalizing world, allowing regional clubs of states to act collectively in the pursuit of shared interests. Hurrell, A. Many Worlds?

What are the universal human rights? - Benedetta Berti

Section Two analyses different forms of regional projects, comparing the economic integration of the European Union with more political and less institutionalized projects in other parts of the world, notably South America. We thus see regional projects which embody and promote fundamentally different ideas on state-society relations, modes of capitalism and the global distribution of power.

Regions, in this sense, may either embrace and internalise or counterbalance and tame processes of globalization. Collard-Wexler, S. Most conflicts take place within regions or sub-regions, so to what extent can a focus on regional relations help us understand security dynamics?

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This section looks at regions as security complexes, providing insights into interactions which destabilise regions in security terms as well as those which enhance regional security, both through the easing of intra-regional tensions and the limiting of military incursions or pressures from extra-regional actors. Whilst during the Cold War security dynamics were overlain by superpower control, now regions have the possibility to collectively manage their own security structures and identity, which has important consequences for reducing conflict. Morgan, P.

The Westphalian System of mutually exclusive territorial units with centralised legal and political authority is at the heart of the modern international system. This section will briefly identify what makes the modern state distinct from previous forms of political order, and how it also constitutes the international system as anarchic.

Cosmopolitan Justice

De facto and de jure, internal and external, positive and negative; all of these binaries will be explored in order to show that despite being at the centre of our understanding of the modern world, it is a highly fluid concept. Why do states behave in the way that they do in global politics? How are foreign policies made? Is state survival such a pressing issue that all other policies are subordinated to it, as realists would have use believe? Are democracies really more peaceful? To answer all of these questions we have to look into the domestic politics of states, and identify how both the politics i.

Russett, B. Smith eds. War is often regarded as destructive — and in many ways it is, not least in terms violence, lost of life, and material damage. Human rights form a fundamental part of global politics today. Do states protect human rights because they believe it is the right thing to do, or because other states put pressure on them to comply — either by promising incentives or threatening punishment?

Under what circumstances can important norms of international society, such as the non-intervention in the domestic affairs of sovereign states, be violated in the name of protecting people from the gravest violations of human rights? This sections answers these questions and more. Emilie M. How do individual change the world around them? In global politics there are many ways that do not require using public institutions such as governments — these are non-governmental organisations NGOs that operate in a public space separate from the state — civil society.

The revolution in communication technology has made communication across borders easier and cheaper than ever, it is possible to mobilise public awareness and support for injustices that a few decades ago would have remained unknown. States are being forced to adapt to the impact of networks of civil society groups operating domestically and transnationally. Noam Chomsky.

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Contemporary Human Rights Ideas (Global Institutions) Contemporary Human Rights Ideas (Global Institutions)
Contemporary Human Rights Ideas (Global Institutions) Contemporary Human Rights Ideas (Global Institutions)
Contemporary Human Rights Ideas (Global Institutions) Contemporary Human Rights Ideas (Global Institutions)
Contemporary Human Rights Ideas (Global Institutions) Contemporary Human Rights Ideas (Global Institutions)
Contemporary Human Rights Ideas (Global Institutions) Contemporary Human Rights Ideas (Global Institutions)
Contemporary Human Rights Ideas (Global Institutions) Contemporary Human Rights Ideas (Global Institutions)

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