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K-Lite's Tropical Take-Off. It just felt like THEY had won. All in all though, it should make for an interesting conversation. Nov 15, Michelle rated it it was ok Shelves: finished-in If the goal of this book was to make the reader uncomfortable and upset, well done.

The Northerner

I cannot really recommend this book. This subject matter should be difficult to read about, and it certainly was. But I am disappointed that the message against the KKK was not stronger. I am removing this book from my 5th grade library. Nov 02, Nancy rated it really liked it Shelves: persecution , historical-fiction , earlys. The powerful desire to belong can lead to wrong thinking and behavior. The klan's misuse of scripture, and warped view of Christianity fueled their own insecurities, fears and evil.

Jesus never would be a party to their beliefs or heinous acts. He is Jewish for cryin' out loud! Aug 12, Beverly Herrera rated it it was amazing. I had the pleasure to meet the author.

Kata - Fires In The Night

As a matter of fact he was my college freshman English teacher - forty years ago. He was sincere, encouraging and meticulous in his writing and his teaching. Years later I had the chance to introduce my children to him and thank him for teaching me how to write well. He was the same man, with a deep feeling that we need to discuss our differences in order to understand how we are all very much alike. His thoughts about how people do things they know are wro I had the pleasure to meet the author. His thoughts about how people do things they know are wrong in order to fit in, how we need to recognize the dangers of judging others, and how we need to stand up to racism show through in this book.

Although it was written for a younger audience, it still makes me stop and think about my actions. I have seen young teenagers, young adults and old adults react emotionally to this book. They want to protest the actions, but they realize they too have been guilty of doing things they are ashamed of and that change comes about when they refuse to follow the crowd.

It is an easy book to read as far as vocabulary and length, but a difficult one because of content. Although it is fiction, people familiar with the time and place can connect many of the characters and events to real people. This book won best in Oklahoma and was one of the last books Dr. Stanley wrote before his unexpected death. With all the books he wrote many under different names this one is the most fitting for his personality. He thought the best of everyone and in doing so brought out the best in everyone. This book shows a side of our society we would like to hide, but which needs to be talked about in order to avoid a repeat of these events in our history which are shameful.

Sep 09, Rachel Paller rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction-worth-reading. At the ripe age of 21 I was expecting to be bored with a book geared towards 12 year olds. But this book really kept my attention. I absolutely believe that this situation actually happened. The writing is well done and the character development of Woodrow is crafted in a believably.

I was actually shocked by the town of Lawton. How could they as a community support the KKK? How could they applaud when men in white robe At the ripe age of 21 I was expecting to be bored with a book geared towards 12 year olds. How could they applaud when men in white robes walked down the street? How could people be so cruel?

I hated, and pitied, and related to Woodrow as he entered this place. He knew no one is father is dead and his mother locks herself away and cries all the time. He was alone in every way when the kind Senator paid attention to him, listened to him, welcomed him. Why wouldn't Woodrow want to please this great man? Then to find out he is the leader of a hate group and whipped a young boy right before his eyes! I was shocked when after reading that that Woodrow still wanted to be his son.

Fire in the Night

Like hello? But that was all he knew. Oh and then that little termite Jimmy! I hated that kid, I wish Woodrow had whipped him too! Jimmy actually instigated racial hate scenarios with that whole "witnessing" BS! As a Christian I am furious that people take the message of God's love and mercy and twist it into something evil to justify their own sin.

It makes me sick that this actually happened and people slapped on a "it's God's will" sticker to whatever sick plan they had to make themselves feel better. To make themselves feel important and good in a situation that is anything but. I was so proud of Woodrow when he finally stood up for himself and what is right.

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I was like a proud mama. Night Fires is about Woodrow and his mother, and how they move back to Lawton in , after his father died in a car accident. Woodrow and his Mom miss his Dad terribly.

Fires In The Night

When they arrive in Lawton, they move back in their family home, and they soon learn they live next door to Senator Crawford. Woodrow wants to fit in and make new friends while he lives in Lawton. He also hopes that Senator Crawford can be the father figure he never had in his own father. Senator Crawford states to Woodrow that Night Fires is about Woodrow and his mother, and how they move back to Lawton in , after his father died in a car accident.

Senator Crawford states to Woodrow that he misses his wife and son, Robert, after both passed away. This gives Woodrow the impression that he is there to fill in as a replacement for Robert.

Both Woodrow and Senator Crawford feel they can have a good relationship because they both understand what it's like to lose a family member to death. Soon Woodrow gets himself involved with the KKK.

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Woodrow also learns that his father fought for the rights of people of color while he lived in Lawton. Woodrow has a big decision to make: Will he decide to stand by his parents beliefs that all people are created equal? Or will he stand by Senator Crawford and his beliefs that people of color are inferior? As Woodrow struggles with his decision, he and his mother learn of the secrets that are in Lawton, and how Senator Crawford is in the middle.

This is definitely a must read. I could not put this book down! The language is very strong, but this historical fiction can definitely be used in grades 6 and up maybe in grade 5, depending on your population ,to teach about how life was in America while the KKK had influence. May 31, Brady rated it liked it.

Night Fires George E. His father just died in a car accident. So him and his mother move to his dads home town of Lawton Oklahoma. Woodrow finds a next door neighbor that is kind of a father figure to Woodrow, this neighbor understands him how his father never did. Also he is a respected man who will help Woodrow find friends.

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Though in there are some bad secrets about Lawton that no one knows about. And the sen Night Fires George E. And the senator is apart of them. He needs to help his community even if it means going against very thing his father believed in. I did not really like this book. It was not as mysterious as I thought it would have been.

Fires of the Night Fires of the Night
Fires of the Night Fires of the Night
Fires of the Night Fires of the Night
Fires of the Night Fires of the Night
Fires of the Night Fires of the Night
Fires of the Night Fires of the Night

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