Management and Marketing of Services

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Customer Data and Analytics

For assistance, see Competitive Analysis. In the Framework for Basic Marketing and Promotions Plan , write results from your analysis of potential collaborators. What customer needs might you collaborate to meet? What resources might they bring and what could you bring? What could you do next to cultivate collaboration with other organizations?

For assistance, see Organizational Alliances. Strategic goals greatly influence pricing. For example, if the organization really wants to get into a new market, then it might charge lower than usual prices in order to generate more customers who buy the service. Competitor pricing also has a great effect. If competitors are charging much less, then the organization might do well to lower prices.

Similarly, if the competitor is charging much more, then the organization might consider increasing its own prices. For assistance, see Market Pricing. Regarding your sales planning, consider: What target markets will be approached? What should be your sales method for each target market, for example, who will make initial contacts to generate leads, do follow-ups to initial contacts, make presentations and close sales?

How much do you expect to accomplish in sales consider terms of outputs, such as dollars made, customers recruited, or other units of service. For assistance, see Understanding the Sales Process. In the Framework for Basic Marketing and Promotions Plan , fill in the advertising and promotions plan. The plan includes what target markets you want to reach, what features and benefits you want to convey to each of them, what methods and media you will use to convey it to them, who is responsible to implement the methods and how much money is budgeted for this effort.

The plan includes plans for a promotional campaign, including an advertising calendar and media plan. The goals of the plans should depend very much on the overall goals and strategies of the organization, and the results of the marketing analysis, including the positioning statement. When selecting methods, consider what communications methods and media will be most effective in reaching target markets groups of customers and when.

Services Marketing - Definition and its Importance

What are their preferences for media and when do they use them? What media is most practical for you to use in terms of access and affordability? The link Major Methods of Advertising and Promotion might be helpful now. For additional assistance, see Advertising and Promotions. When considering how you will ensure strong services to customers, consider: Are customers very satisfied with your services?

How do you know? If not, what can you do to improve customer service? How can you do that? What policies and procedures are needed to ensure strong customer service. Include training in your considerations, including to develop skills in interpersonal relations, such as questioning, listening, handling difficult people, handling interpersonal conflicts, negotiating. In the Framework for Basic Marketing and Promotions Plan , fill in section about production planning. Note that the development and implementation of various production methods do not have to be addressed in detail in a marketing plan -- these topics are usually included in the operations or management planning for the products and services.

However, production should be generally considered during the marketing analysis to ensure the eventual detailed production planning takes into consideration the needs of target markets and having their needs met on time.

Services Marketing Management

Will you have sufficient resources into the near future? In the Framework for Basic Marketing and Promotions Plan , fill in section about distribution planning. What major steps need to occur to accomplish these distribution channels? The link Distribution may help you. Note that detailed planning about developing and maintaining distribution channels is often included in the operations or management plans, rather than in the marketing plan.

However, the marketing analysis should focus on selecting the methods of distribution that best meet the needs of target markets and the organization. In an earlier module about strategic planning, you drafted a basic operating budget. Now that you have a stronger sense of what is needed to produce and market your products, you should update the basic draft that you produced earlier. Update those budgets with results from completing this module on product design and marketing. Consider expenses of advertising and promotions, production, distribution and customer service.

Also consider any updates to expected revenues as a result of any changes in your pricing policy and as a result of your sales goals in your sales plan. Are you exchanging feedback with others about what you're learning in this program? If not, you really should be thinking a lot more seriously about this -- adults learn by doing something with new information and then exchanging feedback about it.

Are you practicing your basic skills in management and leadership, including in problem solving and decision making, planning and meeting management? Are you communicating throughout your organization by using your skills in internal communications? Are you managing yourself? How many hours a week are you working? Are you noticing any signs of stress? If so, what are you doing about it? Are you using the action item list referenced above? Are you reflecting on learnings from past modules and how they build on the learning in this module? For example, are you seeing your organization from a systems view, as explained in the module "Starting and Understanding Your Organization?

Now that you've given more thought to the design and marketing of your products and services, go back to your strategic plan and update the plans about products, services, staffing and action plans. One of the first indicators that an organization or a person is struggling is that open action items are not tracked and reviewed. Open action items are required actions that have not yet been completed. Instead, people only see and react to the latest "fires" in their workplaces or their lives.

Whether open action items are critical to address now or not, they should not entirely be forgotten. Therefore, update and regularly review a list of open action items identified while proceeding through this program that includes listing each open action item, who is responsible to complete it, when it should be completed and any associated comments.

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When updating the list, consider action items as identified during discussions, learning activities and assessments in this module. Share and regularly review this action item list with the appropriate peers, board, management and employees in your organization. You can use the following Action Item Planning List. At that Web address, a box might open, asking you which software application to open the document.

Analytic process to identify the BEST marketing plan for your business

If you have questions, consider posing them in the national, free, online discussion group hr. Learners in the organization development program can return to the home page of the organization development program. To round out your knowledge of this Library topic, you may want to review some related topics, available from the link below. Each of the related topics includes free, online resources. Also, scan the Recommended Books listed below. They have been selected for their relevance and highly practical nature.

See the "Big Picture" About Marketing First, scan the text on the following three pages to get a quick idea of what is included in each and differences between the three. Basics of Marketing 1. Basics of Marketing Analysis and Positioning 1. Public and Media Relations 1. Sales 1.

Customer Service 1. Various activities below will direct you to complete your Marketing and Promotions Plan by filling in the Framework for Basic Marketing and Promotions Plan. You might want to re-create the Framework with your own preferred word-processing software. As you proceed through the following activities, be sure to note any incomplete actions in the Action Item Planning List.


Describe Your Product or Service 1. Further, the communication process becomes promotion in the marketing environment. The promotion policy aims to disseminate information about the activities and services of the health care organization at an extensive level, as well as monitor the perceptions of the targeted populations. Nonetheless, when a health care organization wants to communicate with its consumers, this may happen on two strategic directions [ 9 ]:. A third type of communication also refers to the internal communication but occurs between managers and employees.

As such, internal communication is performed between departments or depending on the hierarchic position in the organization. The health care units use the external marketing communication instruments to stimulate the targeted population in developing and building a favorable image on the market.

This mix of instruments is known in the scientific literature as the promotional communication mix. The main objectives of the external communication strategies are the following [ 2 ]:. The basic instruments of external communication for sending messages are the following [ 2 ]:. The sale force of a health care organization consists of the employees who deliver medical services and other requested information to consumers, partners, and competitive units.

The sale promotion takes place when free promotional objects such as calendars, address books, pens, and even free consultations are being offered, with the purpose of growing the reputation of the health care organization. Public Relations are direct contacts with different categories of public on different themes, which occur during congresses, symposiums, workshops, interviews, and press releases. The instruments used by the internet are online press releases, websites, communication through Social Media platforms, link exchange partnership contacts, the online profile of organizations, discussions on forums.

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The efficiency growth of external marketing communication through management instruments. The message, which uses different external communication channels, is delivered with the help of campaigns. Over time, marketing specialists struggled to measure the efficiency of communication campaigns, but they have concluded that the evaluation process is constantly changing.

Subsequently, the investigation of the campaign elements are measured accurately and accordingly as long as it is performed with the help of management instruments [ 5 ].

Management and Marketing of Services Management and Marketing of Services
Management and Marketing of Services Management and Marketing of Services
Management and Marketing of Services Management and Marketing of Services
Management and Marketing of Services Management and Marketing of Services
Management and Marketing of Services Management and Marketing of Services
Management and Marketing of Services Management and Marketing of Services
Management and Marketing of Services Management and Marketing of Services
Management and Marketing of Services Management and Marketing of Services
Management and Marketing of Services Management and Marketing of Services

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