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Meanwhile, more than 49, union workers are on strike against the company and have shut down its factories for the past six days.

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In the contract talks, GM has offered to build an electric vehicle battery factory in Lordstown, Ohio, where the company is closing an assembly plant. The automaker, according to a person briefed on the offer, wants the plant to be run by a joint venture or a battery company.

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Also at stake is the future of the union, which has lost high-paying auto jobs over the past 30 years, said Sam Abuelsamid, an analyst for Navigant Research who follows the auto industry. For the company, however, the lower wages are needed to keep costs competitive with other automakers who will contract out battery cell and pack manufacturing to nonunion factories that pay less than the UAW wage, Abuelsamid said.

GM also must reign in expenses as it tries to sell more electric vehicles, which now are more expensive than those powered by gas, he said. The Volt was canceled last spring, and now 22 remaining workers make hybrid battery packs and assemble autonomous vehicle equipment. While there is potential for growth if electric car sales take off and more batteries are needed, no one is sure when or if that will happen in the U.

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Fully electric vehicles currently make up about 1. Navigant sees growth from just over 1 million sales last year to 6. The tag under which to push the image. Use either this or tags.

The default is latest. Multiple tags under which to push the image.

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Use either this or tag. The tagged image name that will be used The default value will be the same image name as of the candidate.

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The registry logical name of one of the inserted registries from the integration view. The default value will be your default registry. If a step fails, and the process is halted. The default value is true. Define a set of conditions which need to be satisfied in order to execute this step.

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You can find more information in the Conditional Execution of Steps article. Define operations to perform upon step completion using a set of predefined Post-Step Operations.

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Define retry behavior as described in Retrying a step. The type of Docker registry provider.

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  • Play and tweak samples. Slice beats, play one shots, or mangle samples with warping.
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The tagged image name that will be used. The default value will be the same image name as of the candidate.

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The host address where the registry is located. The default is the registry configured in your Codefresh account, or Dockerhub. Default Ignored when provider is ecr. Credentials to access the registry if it requires authentication. It can be a has object containing username and password fields.

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