Rust: Visitor in the Field

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We can do anything we want! More of those books are more popular now. I had to see it to realize that it was okay to do it. Were you consciously trying to keep certain aspects, effects and themes from that non-superhero work you enjoyed in mind while working on Rust? Were you even aware of what you might have been keeping and what you were tossing out?

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Those stories still do interest me, although what interests me a little bit more is the story about the hero who is a little bit flawed. That is a human element that makes the story more interesting to me. Do you remember when this idea first hit you? So I was thinking of Jet Jones as this potential game that I could pitch to the studio I was working for.

Rust: Visitor in the Field

So, that was the avenue that the idea was headed towards. I could do this as a comic, and that would be a lot of fun. I could own the idea and just tell the story. And some games have good stories, but if you want to tell an elaborate story, you probably want to stick to something more traditional for storytelling, like comics or movies or books or whatever. So I just felt like this was the right avenue for it.

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And at the time I found a publisher that was interested in it, and I just went for it with the idea—not totally knowing where it was headed, but having a theme and characters in mind, that at least got me started. Next time: Royden Lepp reveals all of his dirty, sexy storytelling secrets in the second part of our extended, exclusive interview.

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Rust Vol. 1: Visitor in the Field

By Bill Baker , Columnist. So I was really doing it for myself.

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What about the basic plot and characters? No, not at all.

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One human solider is collecting what appears to be fuel cells from fallen machines. There is very little to no dialogue in this sequence and it does an excellent job of setting the tone for the entire book as the art tells most of the story.

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Roman Taylor, a young farmer, narrates the story through a letter he is writing his father and describes how he came to meet Jet Jones. Jones introduces himself to the Taylor family by crashing into their barn while losing control of his jet pack. He sticks around the farm to help Roman fix the damage his arrival has caused and during that time we learn a few secrets about Jet that may explain a few things about him. What Jet is unaware of is that Roman is almost done repairing a robot of his own.

Rust: Visitor in the Field, by Royden Lepp (also: tidbits from the NYCC).

The pacing of the book is deliberate and the dialogue is sparse. All of this adds to the appeal of the book and suits the atmosphere and mood that is set.

Preview – Rust Vol. 1: Visitor In the Field

The time period, country location, pace of the story and art are a perfect combination. If you would like to learn more about the upcoming releases from Archaia click here to read about some of their announcements made at C2E2 What Now? If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more great content just like it.

Rust: Visitor in the Field Rust: Visitor in the Field
Rust: Visitor in the Field Rust: Visitor in the Field
Rust: Visitor in the Field Rust: Visitor in the Field
Rust: Visitor in the Field Rust: Visitor in the Field
Rust: Visitor in the Field Rust: Visitor in the Field

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