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One was the business savvy of many of the authors — their ability to move themselves into favorable positions in the marketplace. Kurt Vonnegut hosted wild parties at his house.

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I thought this was going to be a Darwinian shark tank, with writers suffering in isolation as they struggled to survive the workshop method. Paul Engle was the first and most noteworthy director of the workshop.

His father was a horse trainer. Engle saw the workshop as breaking the writer, the way you would break a horse. So I was expecting more individualism, but I saw lots of collaboration, lots of humor, lots of mutual support and unlikely alliances of support forming.

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In what way is the book you wrote different from the book you set out to write? I first thought of doing a biography of Engle. But then I realized that no comprehensive history of the workshop had been done. I learned that this book was going to be about the writer and mass culture, about media industries and the intellectual history they shape.

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  5. Engle solicited the attention of mass culture — for instance, trying to get Esquire magazine to sponsor a conference. Who is a creative person not a writer who has influenced you and your work? With Plot Factory, you have the potential to do the same.

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    The Writing Factory

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    The Writing Factory The Writing Factory
    The Writing Factory The Writing Factory
    The Writing Factory The Writing Factory
    The Writing Factory The Writing Factory
    The Writing Factory The Writing Factory
    The Writing Factory The Writing Factory

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