Trick My Truck But Dont Mess With My Heart (Signet Eclipse)

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02 Mar 1970

The object set into that length of bone is a Braun biomonitor. This is the work of a living artist. More boxes? Over a period of three years. The Virek Collection, you see, is a sort of black hole. The unnatu- ral density of my wealth drags irresistibly at the rarest works of the human spirit. An autonomous process, and one I ordinarily take little interest in But Marly was lost in the box, in its evocation of impossi- ble distances, of loss and yearning.

It was somber, gentle, and somehow childlike. It contained seven objects. The slender fluted bone, surely formed for flight, surely from the wing of some large bird. Three archaic circuit boards, faced with mazes of gold A smooth white sphere of baked clay. An age-blackened fragment of lace. A finger- length segment of what she assumed was bone from a human wrist, grayish white, inset smoothly with the silicon shaft of a small instrument that must once have ridden flush with the surface of the skinbut the thing's face was seared and blackened. The box was a universe, a poem, frozen on the boundaries of human experience.

She gaped. Forgive me, I have forgotten that these transitions are too abrupt for you. Now, however, we must discuss your assignment. Do you not wish to be employed?

When the business of Gnass having been stung with a forged Cornell came to my attention, I saw that you might be of use in this matter. And, yes, I do wish to work! You will be given access to certain lines of credit, although, should you need to purchase, let us say. In that event, you will require my indirect authorization. Which you will almost certainly be given Otherwise, you will have a free hand I suggest, however, that you work on a scale with which you yourself are comfortable. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing touch with your intuition, and intuition, in a case such as this, is of crucial importance.

She took a deep breath.

How long do I have to locate this artist? Forgive me," she found herself saying, to her horror, "but I understood you to say that you live in aa vat? And from that rather terminal perspective, I should advise you to strive to live hourly in your own flesh. Not in the past, if you understand me. I speak as one who can no longer tolerate that simple state, the cells of my body having opted for the quixotic pursuit of individual careers.

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I imagine that a more fortunate man, or a poorer one, would have been allowed to die at last, or be coded at the core of some bit of hardware. But I seem constrained, by a byzantine net of circumstance that requires, I understand, something like a tenth of my annual income. Making me, I suppose, the world's most expensive invalid.

I was touched, Marly, at your affairs of the heart. I envy you the ordered flesh from which they unfold. A wing of night swept Barcelona's sky.

1,2,3 WTF!? (Watch the Film)

He saw that now: It just happened. You screwed up by a fraction and there it was, some- thing chill and odorless, ballooning out from the four stupid corners of the room, your mother's Barrytown living room. Shit, he thought, Two-a-Day'll laugh his ass off, first time out and I pull a wilson. The only sound in the room was the faint steady burr of his teeth vibrating, supersonic palsy as the feedback ate into his nervous system.

He watched his frozen hand as it trembled delicately, centimeters from the red plastic stud that could break the connection that was killing him Shit. He'd come home and gotten right down to it, slotted the icebreaker he'd rented from Two-a-Day and jacked in. Figured that was the way to do it; you wanna do it.

He'd only had the little Ono-Sendai deck for a month, but he already knew he wanted to be more than just some Barrytown hotdogger. Bobby Newmark, aka Count Zero, but it was already over. Shows never ended this way, not right at the beginning. In a show, the cowboy hero's girl or maybe his partner would run in, slap the trodes off, hit that little red ore stud. So you'd make it, make it through. But Bobby was alone now, his autonomic nervous system overridden by the defenses of a database three thousand kilo- meters from Barrytown, and he knew it.

There was some magic chemistry in that impending darkness, something that let him glimpse the infinite desirability of that room, with its carpet-colored carpet and curtain-colored curtains, its dingy foam sofa-suite, the angular chrome frame supporting the components of a six-year-old Hitachi entertainment module. He'd carefully closed those curtains in preparation for his run, but now, somehow, he seemed to see out anyway, where the condos of Barrytown crested back in their concrete wave to break against the darker towers of the Projects. That condo wave bristled with a fine insect fur of antennas and chicken- wired dishes, strung with lines of drying clothes.

His mother liked to bitch about that; she had a dryer.

He remembered her knuckles white on the imitation bronze of the balcony railing, dry wrinkles where her wrist was bent. He remembered a dead boy carried out of Big Playground on an alloy stretcher, bundled in plastic the same color as a cop car. Fell and hit his head. His heart stopped. It seemed to him that it fell sideways, kicked like an animal in a cartoon. Sixteenth second of Bobby Newmark's death. His hotdog- ger's death. And something leaned in, vastness unutterable, from beyond the most distant edge of anything he'd ever known or imag- ined, and touched him.

His bladder let go when his head clipped the corner of the Hitachi, and someone was saying fuck fuck fuck into the dust smell of carpet. Girlvoice gone, no desertstar, flash impression of cool wind and waterworn stone Then his head exploded.

See a Problem?

He saw it very clearly, from somewhere far away. Like a phosphorus grenade.

It was nearing dawn, and Turner could make out the faded outline of a biohazard trefoil mark- ing the helicopter pad. A figure in a red jumpsuit made brisk arm signals to the Honda's pilot. Propwash flung scraps of packing waste into the sea as they landed. Conroy slapped the release plate on his harness and leaned across Turner to unseal the hatch The roar of the engines battered them as the hatch slid open. Conroy was jabbing him in the shoulder, making urgent lifting motions with an upturned palm. He pointed to the pilot. Turner scrambled out and dropped, the prop a blur of thunder, then Conroy was crouching beside him.

Trick My Truck But Dont Mess With My Heart (Signet Eclipse) by LuAnn

They cleared the faded trefoil with the bent-legged crab scuttle common to helicopter pads. Turner camed a plain gray suitcase molded from ballistic ABS, his only piece of luggage; some- one had packed it for him, at the hotel, and it had been waiting on Tsushima. A sudden change in pitch told him the Honda was rising. It went whining away toward the coast, showing no lights. As the sound faded, Turner heard the cries of gulls and the slap and slide of the Pacific.

Back then nobody lived in orbit, so it made sense for a few years. Mans gets on to it and they can come down on this thing with anything they want.

Omega/Chandra Symbols

F, that's the ticket, right? Plenty of shit Mans wouldn't pull there, not in the fucking middle of Mexico City. A figure stepped from the shadows, head distorted by the bulbous goggles of an image-amplification rig. It waved them on with the blunt, clustered muzzles of a Lansing fldchette gun. And watch it, the stairs get slippery The rig smelled of rust and disuse and brine.

There were no windows. The discolored cream walls were blotched with spreading scabs of rust. Battery-powered fluorescent lanterns were slung, every few meters, from beams overhead, casting a hideous green-tinged light, at once intense and naggingly uneven. At least a dozen figures were at work, in this central room; they moved with the relaxed precision of good techni- cians.

Professionals, Turner thought; their eyes seldom met and there was little talking. It was cold, very cold, and Conroy had given him a huge parka covered with tabs and zippers. A bearded man in a sheepskin bomber jacket was securing bundled lengths of fiber-optic line to a dented bulkhead with silver tape. Conroy was locked in a whispered argument with a black woman who wore a parka like Turner's. The bearded tech looked up from his work and saw Turner. Like the rest of the techs, he wore micropore surgical gloves.

You remember me.

Trick My Truck But Dont Mess With My Heart (Signet Eclipse) Trick My Truck But Dont Mess With My Heart (Signet Eclipse)
Trick My Truck But Dont Mess With My Heart (Signet Eclipse) Trick My Truck But Dont Mess With My Heart (Signet Eclipse)
Trick My Truck But Dont Mess With My Heart (Signet Eclipse) Trick My Truck But Dont Mess With My Heart (Signet Eclipse)
Trick My Truck But Dont Mess With My Heart (Signet Eclipse) Trick My Truck But Dont Mess With My Heart (Signet Eclipse)
Trick My Truck But Dont Mess With My Heart (Signet Eclipse) Trick My Truck But Dont Mess With My Heart (Signet Eclipse)

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